Friends! I am Amber.

One morning I woke up and bagged up all of the boxed, canned, packaged and processed “food” in our house and threw it all away! That’s right! It all went in the garbage and I have never brought any of it back into our house! I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired… and I was sick and tired of seeing my husband and kids sick and tired! That is all it took… just a random Tuesday morning and I changed my family forever…
and my Primal Mom journey was born…

At the time, my hormones were so whacked out, my weight was up and down, my post-partum issues were out of control and

I. Was. Exhausted. All. The. Time.

At the time, my husband suffered from psoriasis and severe “seasonal” allergies. He was on creams and medications to help control the psoriasis, was addicted to allergy meds and nose sprays and

He. Was. Exhausted. All. The. Time.

At the time, my kids had “childhood” illnesses… seasonal allergies, minor food allergies, rosy cheeks and eczema.

I was told these are all “normal”. Turns out,

That. Was. A. Lie.

Within two weeks of throwing away all of the processed “food” in our house, my post-partum issues had completely disappeared, my husband’s psoriasis was gone (and so were his expensive medications), my husband’s allergies were gone (and so was his nose spray), my son’s eczema was gone (and so were his expensive medications)… We were amazed, we were no longer exhausted all the time and we felt amazing.

That was almost four years ago!

When I began our journey four years ago, I did not even really know how to cook. Admittedly, I couldn’t even boil an egg. Talk about overwhelming! But I did it… day by day and meal by meal,

I changed our lives.

For me, nothing brings me greater joy, as a wife and mother, than to create a truly nutritious meal that my family will enjoy at our dinner table. Every single night, we make dinner time an event, as we sit around the table and talk about our day. The difference in my dinner table and the majority of the dinner tables across the United States is that you will not find any processed food. We only eat meat that has been naturally raised, without the use of antibiotics and hormones, and that has been fed its natural diet, along with all organic produce. Grains, processed sugar and processed food are non-existent in our household. Why? Well, everyone has their opinion, but here is mine: Those three things, especially when combined, are killing us and making us the most obese country in the world!

Now, along with raising my children and managing our household, I have started reaching out to anyone that wants guidance towards making this change for their own family. I am busy creating delicious recipes and, when I have spare time, writing a book about my “Unprocessed Family”. One of my main focuses is to show everyone… working, non-working, singles, moms and dads… that we can have it all! We can create amazingly nutritious food that will fit into even the busiest life, if we just redefine our priorities.