Think your skin care products don’t matter? Think again…

I will be the first to admit that I genuinely had NO clue that skin care products could be harmful… or maybe I just never took the time to even process it: every single thing we slather on our skin gets absorbed straight into our body. Our skin is an organ? Who knew!!

That admission doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me normal.

So here I am, letting you guys know: the crap we put on our skin actually gets absorbed into our body, straight into our bloodstream, straight into our other organs…

What does that mean exactly?
Well, it could mean something great! It all depends on what you are using. The average person uses about 9 products a day (I am assuming that means women, because I think my husband used to clean his face with bar soap…). Those 9 products all add up to about 126 chemical ingredients that we are absorbing each day, some being safe and some being the most carcinogenic ingredients we have on our shelves.

That means, based on those stats that, the Environmental Working Group says: 1 out of 5 people are exposed to the top 7 most carcinogenic ingredients every single day! AND… most do not even know it. Dang.

Once that sinks in (no pun intended), I will skip on to my real point. I am not here to scare you into never putting lotion on again. Do what you want to yourself. It is your choice.

What about our kids though?
It just isn’t fair to them. Honestly. We should do better. We can do better.

We have all seen the recent studies showing early onset of puberty for girls. Most of these studies look for high counts of the hormone disrupting ingredients like parabens, phthalates, triclosan (which has been banned, but no one is monitoring it!)… studies show the early onset of puberty for girls with these chemicals currently found in their blood and even from the blood of their mothers, during pregnancy and birth. Wow.

A study of 31,000 women showed that, over a ten year period, women who had higher concentrations (through urine and blood tests) of the top chemicals known to cause hormone disruption, hit menopause sooner than the women who used products without those hormone disrupting ingredients. That isn’t rocket science.

That means these chemicals may block, mimic, or interfere with the hormones in our bodies. That isn’t rocket science.

It is NOT too late…
Our bodies are an amazing, amazing machine. Truly. We are built not only to survive, but to thrive, reproduce and live long lives, if we just fuel our body with what it needs and stop shoving crap into it that harms it.

We can detox….
A recent study, by UC Berkeley, tested 100 girls, over just a short three day time period. For just three days, 100 teen females ditched their normal personal care products in favor of alternatives that did not contain phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and oxybenzone. All four of these chemicals are known or potential hormone disrupters. After the three days, urine tests showed the teens’ levels of those four substances dropped between 25% and 45% after the three-day intervention period. Amazing.

That is it. No excuses, ya’ll. Let’s ditch the toxic crap and detox our bodies! ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN!

Of course you do….
There are a few safer, cleaner brands that I use and I would love to suggest them all, but I know that can be a bit overwhelming. That is why I LOVE, SUPPORT and PROMOTE Beautycounter brand! They offer a no-fuss approach to safer beauty alternatives, including a Baby Line, Kids Line, Teen Line, Men’s Line and all the amazing skin care products that I personally use.

Is Beautycounter perfect?
No… they are not, but I think they are the best there is and I think they are perfect at dedicating themselves to progress. I joined their mission, because this is important. Once you know, you cannot unknow. We must do better. JOIN US.